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"The moment you accept [prognosis], you are defeated"

Lizzie Christiansen Young, 13 May 2017

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Meet Freyja


Thanks to the ongoing support of her treatment team and Metatron Australia, Freyja now 7 years old, has a real chance at life. By sharing her story and offering hope to others who we have come to know, I’m so proud of my girls to be part of that journey. I’m so grateful to all those who continue to share our journey and support us through donations of their time and money. Keeping us together is so important.

Following Freyja 


Follow Freyja to get all of the updates on her status and progress.

One Paddock - Ignite for Freyja 2018


Last year our MotorGP heroes raised much needed funds through the Shannons Live Auction. The Super Stars of MotoGP have returned once again this year donating more unique  autographed merchandise from their world-wide tour as well as Limited Edition prints of last years winners! Charity Stars are our hosts for the LIVE AUCTION which is on now! Click and bid.

Go online and check out the stars and the artist who have donated.

Freyja Cares


Nutrition and mental health are the corner stones of Freyja's Freedom plan. As her Mum continues to hunt for a cure and pursue treatments in Melbourne, Freyja's well being tips can now be shared "...they really have worked for her" says Lizzie.  Here we share nutritional information on products and services we swear by, Freyja's recipes, tips and hints for better immune support, her favourite meditation music, home enviromental changes we have adopted, and why we thew out so many items from our home we previously thought were good for us!

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Raise awareness about 4Oceans and, the blight of Dugongs and Dolphins around our shores


Earlier this year we were contacted by Make-a-Wish who grant wishes of children and teenagers battling life-threatening medical conditions during or post treatment. Freyja was asked what wish she might like. Freyja adores the ocean and has always been passionate about our Australian waters. Freyja very quickly said she wanted to raise awareness about 4Oceans and, the blight of Dugongs and Dolphins around our shores. Make-a-wish listened and have arranged for Freyja to visit the Gold Coast for a very special adventure. Stay tuned.


The video that started it all and mage Freyja cry "we need to do something mama"

Rare dolphins and dugongs die after being caught in commercial fishing nets

Freyja would like everyone sharing in her wish journey, to follow/like her wish and purchase a bracelet to help remove rubbish from our oceans endangering our wildlife.


By purchasing a 4Oceans bracelet, you will remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines and be part of Freyjas wish. Please log on to purchase this bracelet and ensure you post and tag on facebook 4Oceans and #acureforfreyja. Be part of her wish!

Dugong t-shirts are being designed and will be available soon via our #acureforfreyja shopping cart. Thank you Teffany Thiedeman for designing the most amazing Dugong to appear on our new t-shirts. 


Stay Tuned ...
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