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Freyja home from Melbourne and attended Aeoncademy celebrations

Thank you Aeoncademy and happy 15th trading birthday. Lady Freyja was on her unicorn throne designed and created by Teffany and her team. Luke organised a series of Vala Club boffering fights today with Knights like The Melbourne Masher taking on Lady Freyja's champion Sir Edward. Great fun and to hear Freyja giggle was the best thing after a hard week. Wonderful arts, cart racing, food and cake. Wonderful day. Thank you to all the Aeoncademy not for profit crew. The final battle was epic to close out the day and thank you to Matthew for being a good sport.

Unfortunately we had to leave due to Freyja being unwell but we got to be there for most of the event and enjoyed our time sitting in the garden.

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