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Freyja is off to Melbourne this week!

Firstly, thank you to Jo and Ian Delaney for donating so much time in organising helpers to get the hydrotherapy swim spa in. Freyja had her first session this week, she giggled all the time. Thank you to my friends at Optus Canberra who do so much for us.

Freyja has been eating well this week thanks to Arbonne Greens and fresh produce from the markets, and the usual supplements donated by Lora and Fred.

We are off to Melbourne for more tests, clinic and immunotherapy reviews. Keeping our hopes up and trying to stay positive.

We will be dropping into the MotorGP on Thursday thanking the teams for coming together again for Freyja. One Paddock - Ignite for Freyja 2018 has kicked off through a charity stars live auction. Donated prints of the winners from 2017 by Tammy Gorali and riders donating signed memorabilia

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