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Liver Test Results

This week we had some good news, being at home has really worked... Freyja's liver test came back and it has recovered well from another break from treatment. The Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra teams are meeting next week to talk about Freyja's plan. We may well have to stop immunotherapy as an option as her reaction to the side effects gets worse with each protocol.

Freyja and her sisters have been home for school holidays baking, doing arts and crafts and playing in the garden created by C3 Church community team lead by Natalie and Andrew, and Jo and Ian Delaney who have managed to get the ionic hydrotherapy spa into the garden. With a few additional works to complete, the lovely hydrotherapist Carol will be over next week to start rehab with Freyja.... This will help her mobility and put a smile on her face, she loves the water.

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